Thrill Rides

Our thrill rides (often known as white knuckle rides) will give your riders a huge adrenaline rush as they feel the G-forces and experience the twist, turns and heights of each ride.


This huge ride loops the riders, upsidedown, high up into the air on a massive pivoting beam. Great for scenic areas where the riders can see for miles - assuming that they have their eyes open!


No, not a 1970's jet airliner, something much more exciting. This fast double spinning ride will get you (or your lunch) airborne much quicker than any plane could!


Sometimes known as 'The Cage'. Strap in and hold on as the machine rises onto its side, pushing you back against the cage as it speeds round and round.


A modern interpretation of the ferris wheel with a lot more thrills.


Our most traditional thrill ride. These started to appear in the 1930's, but our modern waltzer includes the lights and sounds that you would expect of the latest versions.

Rock a Plane

Another extreme ferris wheel with each car rotating on its own axis as the wheel itself goes round.

Ghost Train

Experience the dark horror with no escape!

Drop Tower

Feel the tension as the riders are transported vertically upwards before a series of freefall drops leave their stomachs in their mouths.

Thunderball Miami/Master Blaster

Look out on the crowds as your ride on the row of chairs as it moves erratically up and around to the music.


Spin on spin - experience the sharp accelerations of the rotating group of seats mounted on the rotating master wheel.

Freak Out

It's hard to figure out which way you are spinning when one moment you are upside down and the next facing an entirely different direction in an entirely different orientation. Dangle your legs from the chairs and experience the wind in your hair!


Climb on with your friends and feel the exhilaration of swooping above the fairground.

Move It

Watch the look on your friend's faces as you spin and rise and fall on this G-Force laden ride in hanging chairs.

Energy Rush

Experience the centrifugal forces of the gravity wall. Enter the rotor and watch the floor drop away!